About Us

The Investment Review Club was founded by Justin James with the aim being to give regular people a platform to discuss online money making products and opportunities.

These days there are so many different ways to make money online and so many different programs to buy into that its hard to know who to trust. From betting systems to trading software it is hard to work out what can really make you money and what wont.

Therefore, the IRC is acting as a truly independent review source where we will review products simply based on facts. Unlike many other review sites, we then open up the floor to user comments and allow our trusted members to share their own views on products also.

By doing this we give people like yourself a fully rounded view on most products that are available on the Internet and you can easily get an opinion from several sources to help you decide if a product is for you or not.

To help protect the integrity of the content and comments on the site we have made the IRC a members-only website. This helps prevent undesirable comments and allows us to “police” the site effectively.

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